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War Memorial Commissioners represent and support all Holyoke Veterans. This includes the operation and maintenance of the War Memorial building and all other Holyoke Veteran Memorials dedicated to the men and women who served with the armed forces of the United States or of any nation allied or associated with the United States during any war.


Soldiers’ Memorial Commission Members

Commission Members are appointed by the Mayor

Christopher Sims – Chairman - term expires Sept. 30, 2022

Kenneth Harstine - term expires June 30, 2021

Joseph Bevins - term expires Sept. 1, 2021

Randy Malek – term expires June 30, 2021

Richard Purcell - term expires Sept. 30, 2020

Robert Mackay - term expires June 30, 2021

Mike Sheehan - term expires June 30, 2021


Mission Strategies

The Commission has the power and authority, for the purpose of accomplishing our mission to hold gifts real and personal, from any and all sources, to purchase real estate in said city and to contract for the erection, care, maintenance and supervision of any building, buildings, monument or monuments to be used as such a memorial or memorials. The Commission provides a venue for Veterans groups or organizations to meet and operate to support their mission. The Commission also provides a venue for community events, ceremonies and public education. The Commission will provide a venue to hold, honor and display all donated military historical memorabilia and all historic documentation associated with any Veteran from the city of Holyoke. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals. Your generous donation will fund the operation and maintenance of the War Memorial building and all other Holyoke Veteran Memorials 

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